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In Sophia Coppola’s Lost in Translation, disaffected American star Bill Murray sleepwalks through his stay in Tokyo.  Not speaking a lick of Japanese and cynically overwhelmed by the massive high rises and technology of modern day Tokyo, Murray’s character embarks on a series of small journeys punctuated by his inability to fully grasp events as they unfold before him.  Instead, through Murray’s eyes, one experiences the city as brightly lit, whiskey induced, metropolis full of quirky Japanese and self absorbed Americans.

While many critics applauded Coppola’s efforts, others saw the movie as simply another well intentioned but nonetheless painful exercise in Western Orientalism.   Writing for Colorlines in 2003, filmmaker E. Koohan Paik  addressed this issue noting that while Coppola did engage in age old Orientalism, she did less so out of any malice or racist intent, but rather  the movie relied “wholly on the “otherness” of the Japanese to…

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  1. Pacocano dice:

    Por ser vos quien sois, agradecimiento y bondad infinita!!!
    Un lujo formar parte de tu blog. Besos.


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